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The Dr. Fell series started as one short standalone story, "Pet Sitting."  They run from the 1990s when Dr. Fell was in college to the present day.  Several stories were published later on in the series that looked back at the characters and their earlier lives, and are intended to be enjoyed with the benefit of hindsight about the characters. “The Ivory Dungeon”, “Back in the Day”, and “Huckleberry” all happen before the “official” first Felliverse story, “Pet Sitting”; however, I think they are best enjoyed after the events in the Complete Dr. Fell volumes one and two.

For a suggested reading order of the Fell stories, links to freebies and more, visit Dr. Fell's page.   Most of the stories are available in print in the Complete Dr. Fell volumes one, two, and three or in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection..  

Print Collections 

he Complete Dr. Fell Volume One: Lost 

Homeless after his mother's funeral, John Fell can't stop mourning his murdered lover, Rob, and he clings to his goal of fulfilling his and Rob's dream of completing his PhD to become Dr. John Fell. Looking after his best friend's sub, Charlie gives him the resources to write his thesis and fight his homophobic father for his inheritance. John retreats to his cabin in the woods, but pet-sitting Charlie has shown him a new path. Putting aside his doubts, he finds solace in helping boys learn to serve their owners, and for owners to be worthy of service. Dr. Fell's poverty, pride, and loyalty to Rob hinder his quest for a new boy, but his sense of duty can't let him walk away from someone in need. Forced to confront his responses to abuse and neglect, dispirited by the imperfect relationships of his fellow tops and their subs, and struggling to make ends meet, John gives up the academic dream that sustained him through the lean years with Rob. Time and again, Dr. Fell is drawn back into the outside world by boys in need and by the irrepressible Charlie, who just won't let him be. The center of a growing circle of family and friends, John slowly returns to life. But is all that enough to help him find his 'forever boy'? Will John Fell, PhD, be smart enough to let his past go and make a new future for himself?

The Complete Dr Fell Volume Two: Found

Dr. Fell has a new boy, a home, a dog, a Harley, along with a job and happiness within reach if only he can let himself trust his good fortune. He's struggling with his own bad habits, taking careful steps with a potential boy, and getting entangled in the ongoing dramas of his D/s friends. Throw in a top with a DUI and broken legs, the new boy coming out to his family, and a visit from a past love and it's all Dr. Fell can do to keep a handle on everything. The delicate balance he manages is rocked when he is confronted with new information about Rob's death. His reaction could jeopardize everything he has so painfully reclaimed. Dr. Fell must travel a hard road into his past before he can adjust to the new man he is becoming. Can Dr. Fell learn to accept help from others, believe that he is loved and seen as a family member, or will his stubborn loneliness drive away his forever boy?

The Complete Dr. Fell Volume Three: The Boys of Fell 

Dr. Fell can't solve everything for a boy! Charlie, aka twink, and his owner, Ben, have worked for their love and have weathered some hard lessons from life and from Dr. Fell. But will being owned be enough for Charlie as he matures? His goals and Ben's are suddenly no longer the same, and silly Charlie is faced with some hard choices. Will following his heart mean leaving his owner? Theatre boy Tommy has also had the benefit of being trained by Dr. Fell. Deeply in debt to the foundation, he's spent some time away developing his career. Sad and lost without an owner, Tommy returns to Dr. Fell's world. Placed under the care of Dr. Fell's mentor, Dr. Pol Rønne, Tommy is safe, but still alone. Sweet Rinaldo, another rescued boy, is already there and in love with Dr. Rønne. Rinaldo and Tommy build a friendship as they serve their shared sir, but the good times are only temporary. Rinnie's student visa is about to expire, and a sir of Tommy's own is nowhere in sight. Can two resourceful boys figure out how to make it all work out? Find out what happens to Tommy, Charlie, and Rinnie and the rest of Fell's boys.


Yaoi Fell by Pluto.

Dr. Fell Underwear! And mugs, mousepads, pet bowls, and t-shirts

Dr.Fell's Page with suggested story order 

Is Dr. Fell a Gary Sue? 


The Dr. Fell Short Story Collection 

Charlie needs a firm hand, and when his owner, Ben, has to travel for business, he calls in a pet sitter. Strict disciplinarian Dr. John Fell might just be the man for the job, but are any of them ready for what happens when a real Sir meets a silly, spoiled boy? Over the next few years, Charlie, Ben, and John become the center of a chaotic group of sirs and boys who all need help and healing. Dr. Fell needs the healing most of all -- he still mourns his perfect dead boy, Rob -- but slowly, silly Charlie brings grumpy Fell back to life.

These stories can also be found in the print collections The Complete Dr. Fell volumes 1 and 2. 

Lost and Found

Dr. Fell is teaching English at a local college, and working on fixing up his cabin, but his best friend Ben and Ben's sub twink want him to get back into the swing of regular life, worried that he's withdrawn after the death of his lover Rob.

Through teaching, hosting a summer camp for tops and their subs, as well as running a foundation put together by the tops for rescuing subs from bad situations, Dr. Fell goes through a number of temporary boys until he finds a new boy of his own who, as it happens, doesn't need rescuing at all.

Things are never simple for Dr. Fell, though, and between family problems and things going perhaps too well with his new boy, he's anxious over what will come next. Will he allow himself to have a happy ending of his own?

These stories can be found in print in The Complete Dr. Fell volumes 1 and 2.

Attitude Adjustments

John Fell, Ph.D. and director of a foundation for a local group of tops, has his own boy now after years of grieving for his lover Rob. It should be perfect. But it’s not. With unfit owners, mischievous boys, and a new stepmother who just may be more than he can handle, some attitudes need adjusting. This time it might be Dr. Fell who needs to change and shape up! Can a grumpy top learn how to handle being happy?

These stories can be found in print in The Complete Dr. Fell volumes 1 and 2.

Tommy and Charlie Shorts 

Ain't Misbehavin' 

In this Felliverse story, Rinnie and Tommy are living with Dr. Fell's mentor, Dr. Pol Rønne. When Tommy takes too long getting ready to go home after a drag show, he and Rinnie have to put on a show of their own for Pol using Tommy's mardi gras beads in a most unusual way.

Also included in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection and in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

un bel di vedremo 

Tommy still misses Dr. Fell. In "un bel di vedremo", he tries to compensate for his own ownerless state by pushing Rinnie and Dr. Pol Rønne to deal with their inevitable separation. To crown all Tommy's worries, he's preparing for his senior show -- can his costume designs solve every one's problems?

Also included in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection and in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

Tommy and the Magi 

Christmas is coming, and Tommy is trapped! Aspiring costume designer Tommy longs for his stern owner to claim him, and he submits to everything Dr. Tanaka wants. Everything, that is, except communicating openly with Tanaka-sama. Tommy trusts and obeys Dr. Tanaka, so why can’t he take the final step of confiding his worries to the man who wants to protect him? Tommy's career is stalled, and his work nemesis, Susie Sofronie, is bulling him into cutting off his long black braid for charity during the Christmas matinee. Dr Tanaka treasures Tommy's hair both for its bondage uses, and as a symbol of their shared Japanese heritage.  Tangled up in a knot of failed communication and obligations, will Tommy end up bald and without his man on Christmas day? 

Also in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

White Day

Tommy has been tongue-tied around Dr. Tanaka, and his communication failures have come close to ruining the trust between them. Surely planning a secret romantic Valentine’s dinner for his owner will put things right and allow Tommy to express how he feels? 

Also included in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection and in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

Wax On, Wax Off

Tommy’s a great designer -- so why can’t he design the right commitment mark to show he’s Dr. Tanaka’s boy? As his deadline approaches, things only get worse when news -- the very best and the very worst -- from friends threatens to derail Tommy’s best intentions to please his Sensei.

Also included in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection and in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

Paper Cranes

On the brink of receiving his commitment mark from Dr. Tanaka, Tommy has to pass on some devastating news. Will his stern owner be able to handle his own emotions and Tommy's reactions to the fallout from the news?

Also included in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection and in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 


Tommy adores his strict Sensei, Dr. Tanaka, and has submitted to his master’s marks and ownership. So why are silly little things, such as Facebook updates, getting him into trouble?  Tanaka-sama knows just what his restless boy needs and uses their shared Japanese heritage to take Tommy back to some basics.

Also included in the Dr. Fell Shorts Collection. 

Pink: Dolorosa

Charlie, aka, twink, is finding the single life tougher than he expected as he pursues his dream of fatherhood.  Luckily, Dr. Fell is there to keep a stern eye on Charlie as he juggles his  roles as potential papa, leather-slut, and career boy.  Events come to a head at Dr. Fell's commitment ceremony.

Also in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

Sky Blue Pink: Flying Pigs 

You’ve come a long way, baby! From junkie bag boy slut to a well-disciplined boy and proud father about to graduate from college, Charlie has really pulled his life together. Ben and Dr. Fell continue to guide their twink as he faces the demands of a family party -- and of a Sirs retreat with Drs. Rønne and Tanaka!

Also in print in the Complete Fell volume 3. 

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